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NailEase Ingrown Toenail Relief

NailEase Ingrown Toenail Relief

If you are like many who suffer from this common foot problem, you have all but given up on finding a solution. Or, at the least something that will give you some relief. You've tried it all, soaking your foot, packing cotton underneath the nail, slipping off you shoes when no one is watching and sleeping with your foot outside the bedding. You've even tried performing what one customer called "self surgery" – picking at it or probing and prying with all kinds of instruments like tweezers, pocket knives and scissors. Some of you have already had surgery, the real kind. Not once. Not twice. But three times, and it keeps coming back.

"I had my right toe operated on this last June, and my left toe operated on in August. Now, my right toe is starting to get infected again and I am praying to God that your product can help so that I don't have to go through another painful surgery. Can you help me please?" Jamie H., Toronto, Canada

Well, relief is on the way. An innovative product is now available for those of you (or your family) that suffer with ingrown or pressure sensitive toenails – the patented NailEase brace.

NailEase - Clinically Proven Safe, Fast and Painless

NailEase is a tiny strip of carbon fiber material that has been scientifically engineered and is applied to the top of the toenail with a specially developed adhesive. Once in place, the NailEase brace begins immediately to relieve pressure that causes the pain and discomfort of inflamed tissue around the toenail. In a study conducted by the California College of Podiatric Medicine, the NailEase brace received high praise from doctors and patients alike:

"NailEase has the advantage of being a quick, simple and inexpensive procedure that can be completed without anesthesia and with minimal discomfort. The procedure leaves patients with an intact, pain free, cosmetically acceptable, nail-bearing toe, that will neither restrict nor interfere with any patient activities."

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