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Ingrown Toenail Surgery & Other Treatments

Several surgical procedures are available for your doctor to perform depending on the severity of your condition.  They range from removal of a portion of your toenail to removal of your entire toenail including the growth matrix of the nail.  With some procedures, your nail will grow back.  With other procedures, it may not grow back.  Your doctor may also decide to remove some of the inflamed (hypertrophied) tissue surrounding your nail with a scalpel to reduce pressure, irritation, and allow the nail groove to reform itself.  Stitches are sometimes necessary, along with antibiotics.

The following illustrates the removal of the entire nail.

Step One:  A surgeon will inject a local anesthetic into your toe on both the left and the right sides.  This will numb your toe so that you don't feel any other pain during the operation.  The surgeon will then clean and prep your toe with an antiseptic to avoid infection.  Finally, a tourniquet is applied to reduce blood loss.

Step Two: The surgeon will then use a scalpel to divide and loosen the nail from the nail bed.  Forceps are used to clamp on to the nail and the nail is removed. In some cases, only one edge of the nail is removed rather than the whole nail.  If this is a recurring problem, the surgeon may decide to kill the nail bed or growth matrix of the nail to keep it from growing back.  This is typically done with a chemical such as liquefied phenol.  Even with the growth matrix cauterized, it is not uncommon for the nail or a portion of it to grow back.  This could require a subsequent surgery to remove the re-grown nail.

Step Three: With the nail removed, the surgeon will then bandage the nail and send you on your way.  Your wound will heal in about four to six weeks.  During this period you will simply dress your toe with antibiotic ointment and a bandage.  If your nail bed has not been cauterized (killed so that the nail will not grow back), your new nail will grow back completely in about seven months.  It is not uncommon to experience some type of postoperative infection, deformity of the new nail, and reoccurrence of an ingrown nail.

Traditional Non-Surgical Treatment of Ingrown Toenails (not including NailEase)

Ingrown toenails that are in the early stages may not require surgery.  The objective of any non-surgical treatment is to allow the toenail to grow out to the end of the toe beyond the nail groove.  Your doctor may need to numb your toe if it is inflamed and highly sensitive to pressure.  He will then smooth the edge of the nail and trim off any nail splinters that may be irritating your toe.  You may have to soak your foot in warm water several times a day until your condition resolves itself.  If there is any infection, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics for you to take.

Some of our customers previous surgical experiences

Note: Studies published medical journals in the last few years have documented recurrence rates ranging from a low of 4% to a high of 67% depending on the condition of the toe and the type of surgery performed.   Nail removal with phenolization had the best track record with a average recurrence rate of 20%.  Postoperative infection rates ranged from about 10% to as high as 80%.

Surgery about 1 1/2 years ago

"I had surgery about 1 1/2 years ago on my big toe for an ingrown toenail. When it started growing back somehow I hit it causing it to get infected and come off again. Now it is almost completely grown out but on the side that I had surgery on my skin has grown over the nail path a bit and causes me to have ingrown nails on that one side.  All it needs is some direction and it would be fine once it grows out. This is just irritating to have to go through this every other month. please help!!!" Chrystal Whittle

Another painful surgery

"I had my right toe operated on this last June, and my left toe operated on in August. Now, my right toe is starting to get infected again and I am praying to God that your product can help so that I don't have to go through another painful surgery. Can you help me please?" Jamie H.,

Had 2 of these taken care of surgically

"Burt, It is my 10 year old son who I am inquiring for. His toe is obviously very sore and inflamed. My 14 year old daughter has had 2 of these taken care of surgically and I would just rather he not have to go through that. I feel as if I'm going on blind faith here as I just did a search of "ingrown toenails" and found your product. What the heck, how do I expedite the order?" Thanks, Dana Lamm, PT

Having suffered 3 incidents of ingrown toenail surgery as a child myself

"I was searching the web for ingrown toenail information and came across our site with the NailEase product.  Having suffered 3 separate incidents of ingrown toenail surgery as a child myself, I think I would have loved to try something like this as opposed to surgery.  My daughter is 12 1/2 years old.  This is her first ingrown nail problem and the cause was most likely a combination of an accidental bump while clipping, combined with the need for some new shoes.  She never said a thing to me about it, and then when I saw it's redness one night and knew she was in trouble with it.  The toe is currently red and swollen.  It does ooze a little.  I just dread taking her to surgery because it was such an awful experience all three times for myself when I was about her age.  Do you think that your product will work for her?  Thank you for responding."  M.J. Daggerhart

I had surgery two years ago

"Mr. Burrell, Thank you for your quick response.  One last question for you.  How effective is the product on nails that have been ingrown for maybe a month or two?  I had surgery two years ago to remove an ingrown nail, and now that it has fully grown back, it has ingrown again. I really am looking for something that will help solve the problem."  Thanks! Brian K.

I have already had two surgeries

"Sir/Madam, Could you help me please?  I have already had two surgeries and though they are minor surgeries, the post op is quite an irritant to a single mother who also works.  If it is possible to oblige my request, please let me know and I will email my address.  I live in Hong Kong and have been trying to get my hands on such a product  for a long time.  I am willing to pay extra shipping if necessary.  Thank you in anticipation."  Gouri J.